Espresso and Cappuccino Barista Course - Verona (ITALY) - Davide Cobelli

Espresso and Cappuccino Barista Course – Verona (ITALY)

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The Espresso and Cappuccino Course is dedicated to Baristas who want to learn more about Italian culture and gain the skills they need to become professionals.

Attending the Espresso and Cappuccino Course means to be part of Coffee Training Academy family, whose aim is to spread the culture of quality by training and educating people about coffee.

A highly practical course that explains the best way to extract espresso and to froth milk to make a great Cappuccino and other milk-coffee based beverages. All this is a good introduction to the coffee world, starting with field and botanic/agricultural part and focusing on the use and maintenance of the equipment at the end of the class session.

Our Trainers, thank to their strong experience in modern standards and techniques, will guide you through the rituals of espresso and share their secrets with you.

The training is a full day (from 9.30am to 5.30pm) for a maximum of four students, lunch is included.

This course is ideal as a first approach to the world of espresso and it will help you to develop the key skills necessary to kickstart your career as a Barista.

In this course we will:

  • Define and describe coffee and espresso (differences between botanical species, the importance of freshness, the definition of espresso);
  • Describe and define the Barista role (interdependent elements for the perfect espresso, the Barista role in the coffee industry, customer service);
  • Recognize and describe espresso equipment (espresso machine and grinders);
  • Calibrate a grinder and recognize the effects of a bad calibration;
  • Learn the correct procedure to extract espresso (dosing, distribution, tamping);
  • Create a Basic Barista menu;
  • Learn correct milk techniques (right milk to use, milk storage, foamed milk texture);
  • Practice cleanliness of the espresso machine and workspace.

Our next Training days:

  • August the 10th 2019
  • September the 12th 2019

Language: English

WHERE: Coffee Training Academy – Via Anton Maria Lorgna 21, Verona (ITALY)

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